Potting soil and potting mix are two different gardening materials used for the same purpose. While both of them are frequently used interchangeably, they are widely different from each other. Any professional in landscape maintenance services can easily tell between potting soils and potting mix. Since they are both used to grow plants inside a container, most people can get confused between which one they should be using for their plants.

Potting soil contains dirt or any other medium that is used to grow plants in planters or containers. It is easily available in your garden.When you hire someone for landscape maintenance St. Augustine, they will make sure that the soil remains intact. It can be easily used for planting purposes, if the need be. On the other hand, potting mix involves a mix of perlite, peat moss, fine barks, and other elements. It is used to achieve better gardening results and improve plant growth.

The Difference Between Potting Soil and Potting Mix

In this article, we will look at the differences between potting soil and potting mix. You can find both the products at the shop, so it is essential to understand how to differentiate between the two. If there’s no label on the containers, there are high chances that you might get the wrong product, leading to poor plant growth. Let’s look at the difference in detail.

Potting soils

Potting soil consists primarily of dirt that you can find in the store or even in your garden. It can be mixed with other soil-less material. Generally speaking, potting soil is the best option for growing plants inside a container. When mixed with other materials, it becomes rich in nutrients. The plants grow naturally faster and provide the right environment to them.

However, it is recommended to never use potting soil alone in the container. The soil will easily become compact and doesn’t leave any space. It will block off air circulation, which will not lead to proper growth of the plant. Experts in landscape maintenance services suggest never to use garden soil in isolation for growing indoor plants. It is a less-than-ideal growth medium.

There are several advantages of using potting soil. First of all, it is cheaper to acquire than the mix. You can get it from your garden. Secondly, it is 100% organic. Pure garden soil only comprises dirt, making it ideal to grow plants. But even though it is high-quality and long lasting, using it without any mix will take more time for the seeds to germinate.

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Potting mix

Designed specifically for growing plants in containers, potting mix is a soil-less blend of materials. There are a lot of ingredients that comprise the mix. It will have the right materials that provide rich nutrients and ensure proper air circulation along with higher water retention. They provide the necessary moisture and drainage management for different plants.

Potting soil alone doesn’t give any room to the roots. Therefore, it is important to make a potting mix that gives the necessary space to the plant for its growth. It is extremely lightweight and fluffy, ensuring that the roots can easily find their way. In contrast to the potting soil, the mix provides complete aeration to the plant.

If you are hiring a company for landscape maintenance St. Augustine, you can ask them to make a potting mix with garden soil and other elements that can be found easily. Potting mix provides the right nutrients to each plant. And even though it costs more than the soil and may break down easily, it is important for the plant to reach its full growth potential. It acts as a catalyst for the indoor plant to grow easily.

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