Sprinkler Repair Jacksonville, FL


Sprinklers can often cause problems that may challenge your entire irrigation systems. However, with time or overgrowth, they might get damaged. In such cases, you need to hire professional sprinkler repair services Jacksonville, Florida for assistance.

We provide complete sprinkler repair services Florida to fix your damaged sprinklers and upgrade them to cover a wider area. Whether it’s broken pipe repair, garden sprinkler valves repair, or fixing wiring issues, our well-qualified and experienced servicemen will fix each and every damaged component of your sprinkler.

Our team assesses the complete situation and provides the best sprinkler repair in Jacksonville, FL. Your sprinkler may be broken, covered by constantly growing bushes, skipping zones, or stopped working altogether – we provide services to fix every issue that you face with your sprinklers.

Sprinkler Repair Jacksonville, Florida

A sprinkler can face multiple problems in its lifetime. It may start overflowing out of nowhere, leading to an increase in the water bill. From sprinkler head replacement to finding and repairing leaks, we are experts in identifying and resolving all types of sprinkler damages. Our team is trained and equipped with the right tools and knowledge to fix the sprinklers in your irrigation area.

We have all the components handy with us, so you don’t have to wait for hours before the work is done. Once we get to the site, we can initiate the sprinkler irrigation repair immediately. We provide complete assistance in replacing system controllers at an affordable cost.


There are several things that can damage a sprinkler. Accidental driving over the sprinkler, large tree roots spreading everywhere, construction near the sprinkler, or even a broken joint can lead to sprinkler challenges. At such times, you need to take help of sprinkler repair services Jacksonville, Florida who can go to the root of the situation and provide you with a long-term fix.

We provide a variety of services. From repair and serviceing , we have a team that is ready to make effective irrigation ready to you.

Johnny’s Lawn Care Sprinkler Systems

If you are looking for the best provider of sprinkler repair in Jacksonville, FL, your search ends at Johnny’s Turf. We ensure that your yard receives the exact amount of water it needs for growing into a healthy, beautiful, lush-green space of comfort.


At Johnny’s, we take care of your sprinkler repair in Jacksonville, FL all year long. Whenever you need us, we are just a call away. Our primary focus is to offer the best sprinkler care so that your lawn stays in perfect green every time you look at it. We provide all-in-one Sprinkler repair services in Jacksonville, Florida so that you don’t have to search for “sprinkler companies near me” whenever you need a fix for your sprinkler system.


Sprinkler System Repair and Service

You need experts who can repair every problem you face with your sprinkler system. You don’t want to spend a lot of money and get nothing from your repairs. We provide you with the right guidance and advice on whether you need sprinkler valve repair, sprinkler pump services, or need to do an entire sprinkler irrigation repair in Jacksonville, FL.

We offer sprinkler system repair and service for new and existing landscapes. If you want to expand your sprinkler irrigation area, we design custom systems to match your needs. At Johnny’s Turf, we understand how important it is for you to get each and every inch right of your sprinkler system. Our sprinkler repair services Florida are focused on designing the perfect system with modern water conservation technologies.


You can also hire us for replacing the system controller if your sprinklers are not performing properly. We ensure that your lawn or irrigation area doesn’t get overloaded with water. We are experts in finding and repairing leaks that cause damage to your area with excessive water.

Always ask the experts before you go ahead with changing your garden sprinkler system. Our team is experienced enough to advise you when to change the sprinkler and when to keep it. Where do you find such service?

Our Sprinkler Repair Services Jacksonville, FL

Johnny’s Lawn Care is home to experts in  sprinkler repair services Jacksonville, Florida. We are the Irrigation Services Company specialized in sprinkler repair & Servicing , irrigation systems repair, lawn sprinkler repair, landscape maintenance, commercial landscaping, sod removal and replacement, lawn care services, etc. for more than 20 years in Jacksonville, FL.

Lawn Sprinkler Head Repair

A seamlessly functioning sprinkler system should ideally save water, reduce utility costs, minimize time, all while providing proper coverage. Many issues like broken sprinkler heads can render your sprinkler system ineffective and no longer save money or water. In such scenarios, it is advisable to call the ever-reliable Johnny’s Lawn Care for lawn sprinkler head repair services. We have professionals who can repair all major brands and types of sprinkler heads.

Sprinkler head can be damaged due to several reasons, including running kids, passing lawnmowers, edgers, working gardeners, etc. A clear sign of a damaged sprinkler head is uncontrolled water shooting or even bubbling when the sprinklers are started. Clogging in sprinkler heads is also one of the reasons why many homeowners need lawn sprinkler head repair services. Most of the time Repair a  sprinkler head is a quick, easy and affordable fix.

sprinkler head is one of the easiest fixes when it comes to your sprinklers. It will only take a little of your time and is rather inexpensive. Professionals from Johnny’s Lawn Care can help you repair sprinkler heads or fix any types of sprinkler heads, and our services are known to be fast, reliable and within affordable range.

Sprinkler Valve Repair

Sprinkler valves are another critical component of a sprinkler system and any issues with them can cause malfunctioning of sprinklers or continuous leakages, leading to swampy areas in the lawn. At times, leaking valves can lead to water entering the electrical systems and cause failures. Another reason for sprinkler valves to stop working efficiently is the debris in the line that causes sludge to develop in the longer run.

Our experienced technicians at Johnny’s Lawn Care carry a variety of standard solenoids, rebuild kits and new valves. We also have advanced tracing equipment and valve locating tools to get your sprinkler system valve repair done swiftly.

Sprinkler Controller Repair
Controllers are the epicentre of your lawn’s sprinkler system. It is from the controllers that all the action begins and is maintained. Any glitches in the controller system can make sprinklers function absurdly. Malfunctioning controllers can activate or deactivate valves in a rampant manner. There are several reasons why the controllers would fail. It includes a malfunctioning transformer, blown up fuse and system boards. Faulty underground wiring or a defective solenoid can also be the reason that controllers do not function properly.

At Johnny’s Lawn Care, we have the requisite skills and equipment to assess & identify the controller problems, ensuring quick and long-term solutions.

Sprinkler Wiring Repair
If you are looking to diagnose and fix wiring problems in your sprinkler system, you would need proper tools, skills and experience. Johnny’s Lawn Care prides itself in the swift and effective fixing of wiring. We have advanced wire tracing equipment and skilled personnel who can locate the issue in seconds and seamlessly make the necessary repairs. Our technicians are adept to address minor fixes or resolve major wiring glitches in your sprinkler system.
Sprinkler System Pipe Repair
If you have noticed a sudden increase in the water bill, lack of water pressure at the sprinkler head or your lawn getting swamped in water, it’s a telling sign that there are issues in sprinkler pipes. However, repairing an underground and leaking sprinkler pipe can be a challenging task.

Our expert team is here to help you fix the leaky possible and make it as quick as possible. We will identify the leaking pipe, execute necessary repairs and coupling tasks, all while ensuring the beauty of your lawn remains untouched.

Sprinkler System Updates

Sprinkler systems work behind the scenes to keep your landscapes lush green and beautiful. They provide vital watering channels and work efficiently through mechanical systems. However, like any other mechanical system, sprinkler systems require regular maintenance and can wear off or get outdated after few years. Sprinkler systems that run their course show several signs.

Johnny’s Lawn Care has a team to inspect the efficiency and latest condition of your sprinkler system. Our sprinkler system update services can include

  • Moving or adding sprinkler heads
  • Install taller pop-up heads
  • Replacement of components to increase water efficiency and reduce utility costs
  • Change sprinkler types for optimum coverage
  • Upgrade to wi-fi connected control equipment which can be controlled by mobile phones

We offer sprinkler system repair Services at an affordable price.

  • Sprinkler Systems Repair
  • Sprinkler Systems Replacement
  • Sprinkler Systems Services
  • Residential/Commercial Sprinkler Repair Services

Got questions? Call us (904)-823-9008 to discuss your project with our professionals and experts who will gladly advise you on any lawn service and maintenance, sprinkler repair, and landscaping solutions.