Not just beautiful, but a well-maintained landscape is a relief to sore eyes. Commercial lawn care services professionals can take care of all your landscaping needs and keep your surroundings amazing. But the question is, at what cost? Most enterprises do not have the investment of time or money to partner with skilled professionals leading to poor outcomes. Let us help you with some top professional advice to help you best manage the commercial landscaping cost.


Think about landscape maintenance during the design process of your facility. Do not design the landscape without thinking of the maintenance criteria. A complex landscape can cost more in the long run, especially when the maintenance factor is left out during the initial phase. Adopt a simple yet elegant design that is much easier to maintain in the future. Remember, there is beauty in simplicity.

Pick the Right Plants

Select the plants which are local to your business area. Such plants will naturally be in their favoured climate and are easy to care for. So, if your office is in Jacksonville, choose plants that grow naturally there. Talk to your landscape maintenance Jacksonville to choose more of native plants.

Replace Annual Flowering Beds

Replace your annual flowering plants with the around the year flowering beds. It will reduce the labour and installation cost of planting annual flowering plants. Perennial flowers do not need to be planted regularly, and therefore reduce the time, effort and cost.

Artificial Grass

Artificial grass help reducing landscaping maintenance costs over the long run and eliminate the need for frequent mowing and fertilizing. A wise commercial landscaping Jacksonville will advise you to buy recycled artificial grass. Such recycled artificial grass turf costs less in installation and maintenance as compared to the new one.

Regular Tree Maintenance

This is the most important and easily overlooked part of lawn care services. Regular tree maintenance can help by saving money on in between emergency tree services. It helps to keep the trees healthy, which is better able to tackle storms or any harsh weather conditions.

Pick an Experienced Partner

A less experienced company is bound to make mistakes and increase your maintenance cost. You don’t need to pay for someone else’s mistakes. Choose a professional partner who can guide you and reduce the price with their experience problem-solving approach. For example,, who provides commercial landscaping Jacksonville, focuses on every detail in each project.

Set Goals

One of the main reasons companies face huge overruns of lawn care services is the poorly set goals. Whether the goal is to maximize the space within a lawn area or simply to provide a basic yet beautiful view to the employees and visitors, a clearly set goal can help to fully reach the expectations with reduced cost. A planned landscape maintenance Jacksonville can ensure optimum use of landscaping resources.

Trust the experience of the team at Johnnysturf. We understand your needs and provide you with the best and economical commercial landscaping Jacksonville.

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