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Are you looking to enhance the beauty of your garden? Have you tried to find the best landscaping company and got no results to your satisfaction? Then look no further than Johnny’s Turf. We are a residential and commercial landscaping services provider in St. Augustine. Our team provides the very best landscape maintenance St. Augustine. We are also adept in landscape enhancement solutions. We offer a complete package of landscape management services at affordable prices, enabling you to make the most out of your lawn.

Low maintenance landscaping in lush green yards is our specialty. Our experts in landscape design and maintenance ensure that your garden brings out the most beautiful part of your space. We provide both residential and commercial landscaping in St. Augustine for gardens of all shapes and sizes. Our well-designed landscapes can multiply the property value and increase its worth in no time.

Our commercial landscaping St. Augustine, FL is best known for the quality of work and the knowledge of our professional team. We conduct regular visits, routine checkups, and monthly commercial landscape maintenance to ensure that your area’s front portion is in perfect condition all year long. Johnny’s Turf builds a design that matches the architecture of your space and enhances the overall beauty of the entire area.

We provide a complete range of landscape management services. Johnny’s Lawn Care offers leaf removal, lawn trimming, lawn treatment, sodding, brushing, and much more. When you search for “landscaping services near me,” Johnny’s Turf comes as a trusted partner with a massive service base. Our landscaping experts have years of experience in building and designing landscapes that are highly functional – all the while adding to the aesthetic appeal of the space. We reduce your landscaping cost twofold by delivering high-quality services at an affordable price and ensuring that you don’t have to call the professionals every other week.

Commercial Landscape Maintenance in St. Augustine, Florida

Johnny’s Turf has enough experience in commercial landscaping in St. Augustine, that our experts can work with all shapes, sizes, and kinds of lawns. Whether you want a new landscape installation or landscape maintenance St. Augustine FL, for your existing lawn, we are there for you. We identify all the different needs for your landscape and build a design that is compatible with the entire commercial space. Since such areas are huge, we ensure that every part and every corner of your lawn will have the same level of trimming, finishing, and maintenance without ever compromising on quality. At the same time, we also provide low-cost landscaping ideas to keep the installation and maintenance under your budget. With us, you will never have to worry about putting a hole in your pocket for managing your lawn.

We are a trusted commercial landscaping company that provides regular inspection and protection to your lawn. We check your irrigation systems, ensure that your plants and trees are in proper health, inspect the soil and grass, and conduct a complete assessment of your landscape. We guarantee that your investment will not go to waste. You can search online for “landscaping companies near me,” and Johnny’s Turf would appear on the top pages of the search result as your perfect commercial landscaping partner.

We have adopted an environment-friendly approach towards landscape maintenance in St. Augustine FL. Johnny’s Turf uses harmless chemicals for weed and pest management. We ensure that no damage is done to the environment with our materials. We also recycle the products so that our team meets the benchmarks of maintaining proper quality while working in favour of nature. We follow a sustainable approach to landscape maintenance St. Augustine and provide low-cost services for all types of commercial spaces.

Do we just provide commercial landscape maintenance? No, we offer a whole lot of services, including landscape design and installation in St. Augustine FL. Learn more detail about our landscape design services.

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Landscape Design and Installation

Whether you want to update your current landscape, build a new one, or add something to your existing lawn, we can do it for you. Our professionals work closely with you from the first day to ensure that the design is according to your needs. Our landscaping services experts can provide you a wide range of suggestions for designing the perfect lawn that matches your space. As a commercial landscaping company, we can install an irrigation system, plants & trees and provide landscape management services without any hassle.

Our promise? Your garden will end up looking like you imagined. We provide complete transparency during the process and work within our deadlines. Our team has knowledge and experience about the different plants & trees, the land & soil requirements, and irrigation systems.

We offer the best commercial landscaping St. Augustine, FL for every space, regardless of the size and structure. The new design will make your space much more beautiful than it was earlier and ensure that you get the most utility of your garden while maintaining its aesthetic appeal.

Do you have more questions about landscape maintenance St. Augustine, FL? The following FAQ will solve all your queries and provide you a better understanding of the commercial landscape maintenance scenario.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is the best time of the year for landscape installation?

Generally speaking, the spring and fall seasons are the best for landscape installation or redesigning your existing one. In April and May, the shrubs, trees, and plants can grow really well, considering the spring is in its full blow. Most landscaping experts agree that fall is perfect for enhancing the garden as the plants can have a good season of growing in the spring.

What is landscaping vs. hardscaping?

Landscaping and hardscaping are two different things. Landscaping relates to the living things – the trees, plants, shrubs, etc. that provide the natural and green look to the garden.

Hardscaping is related to the non-living or non-green elements – they are the hard components used in landscaping, like cement, concrete, irrigation sprinkler, and more.

Do I need an irrigation system?

An irrigation system is one of the primary requirements for landscape maintenance, Jacksonville. If you want to keep your yard fresh and lively, then regular irrigation is important.

You can use a hose and a sprinkler to irrigate your garden but ensure that a proper timer is set for the purpose. You don’t want the lawn to be filled with water, and likewise, it should not be deprived of the right amount of water.

Should I install a drip irrigation system or a sprinkler system?

Drip irrigation systems are good for smaller areas. Commercial landscaping, Jacksonville calls for sprinkler irrigation systems as they can cover a wider area.

Sprinkler systems are automatic, so you can set a schedule for it and then forget about it. It will irrigate the yard at regular intervals without your intervention. On the other hand, drip irrigation saves a lot of water but cannot cover a whole lot of the garden.

How often should I mow my lawn?

This is very subjective. When your lawn starts to grow out high, and you feel that it doesn’t look good, that is the perfect time to mow your lawn. If you want to maintain the beauty and aesthetic appeal of your garden, then trimming the grass once every week can help a lot.

It should be based on your judgment of what you think is a good amount of length for the grass to be trimmed. After some experience, you will be able to easily tell when your lawn needs mowing.

If you are looking for landscaping experts in St. Augustine, Florida your search ends here. At Johnny’s Turf, we are dedicated to quality, consistency, honesty, and customer service at an affordable cost. We specialize in landscape service including design and installation, landscape maintenance, garden landscaping, and more.
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