If you want a beautiful lawn and landscaping without spending hours working on it every weekend, you’ve probably wondered, “What is included in lawn care services?

It’s simple if you are a resident of Florida, hiring a landscape maintenance St. Augustine for full-service lawn care is the ideal way to have a beautiful, well-kept lawn and landscaping without having to do any work yourself. Simply hire a professional to take care of your lawn, and enjoy the benefits of a well-kept landscape.

Most of the time, lawn maintenance businesses offer packages that differ from one firm to the next. Certain features, particularly in a basic lawn care service, are common in many packages.

Included in a typical package are the following lawn care services, St. Augustine FL:

Grass Cutting

Mowing is one of the most vital aspects of lawn service, and every lawn care expert includes it in their package. Keeping your lawn mowed keeps it appear tidy. Professionals have a variety of mowers for different types of grass and use them based on your needs. They also know how to cut the grass at the right height based on several factors.

Edging for the Lawn

Edging is essential for a lovely lawn β€” nothing beats that sharp finish on the side of your landscape where it meets the pavement. Even the best grass might look scraggly if the lawn edges are overgrown or untrimmed.

When lawn care professionals mow your lawn, they usually edge it as well, giving you an all-in-one grass trimming service that will leave your yard looking well-kept, gorgeous, and happy.


Weed-eating the patches of grass you couldn’t reach with the lawn mower is the base for proper lawn trimming. The weed-eater is used to trim back any areas of grass that are left uncut to match the length of the freshly cut grass. Wearing protective glasses during weed-eating is especially important since things like stones and mulch can inflict serious injury rapidly.

Small Leaf and Grass Blowing

Trees and plants shed leaves on the ground. If you leave them, you risk attracting a wide range of diseases and pests. To keep your grass looking lush green it’s critical to remove fallen leaves regularly. For the same reason, it’s crucial to blow away grass clippings, which are included in most lawn-care packages. Blowing leaves and grass away from your lawn gives it a clean, well-kept appearance.

Trimming Hedges and Bushes

Most lawn care companies will gladly maintain your shrubs and hedges, though this is not included in “basic” lawn care packages.

If requested, your lawn care agency can prune huge bushes into more aesthetically common shapes and guarantee that the development of your shrubs and hedges remains reasonable – never blocking other landscape features.

Re-Seeding and Aerating

Early spring is when aeration and reseeding are done. Aeration and reseeding can help both healthy and sick lawns.

Perhaps you’re unsure what full-service lawn care aeration involves. It’s simple: aeration involves piercing the surface of your lawn with a specialized machine to loosen up dirt and clay that have become compacted and stuck together. If this process is delayed it’s hard for freshly emerging grasses to take root in the harsh, deep soil.

Reseeding is done in conjunction with aeration, as the tiny pockets of air formed by aeration are ideal for fresh grass seed to germinate.

Our lawn care services, St. Augustine FL will liberally apply new seeds to places that are struggling to grow, and they will often cover these areas with straw or hay to keep them warm, moist, and less erodible.

Maintenance and Repair of Irrigation Systems

It’s a phrase you’ve probably heard before. Proper irrigation is the most critical aspect of a healthy lawn. A reputable lawn care company will help you choose the correct irrigation or sprinkler system for your landscape, ensuring that it looks fantastic while saving you money on your water bill.

If You Have One, Skimming the Pool

If debris falls onto your swimming pool’s surface during the lawn service process, don’t panic. Our landscape maintenance, St. Augustine FL will be able to tackle it. A finishing touch that all professionals should provide is skimming the pool of any floating debris.


Many landscape maintenance service companies are on the market, but picking the proper one can be challenging. Knowing what should include in a regular lawn care service makes it easier to select the right lawn service business. Lawn care services St. Augustine is the company to call if you want the best lawn services in Florida.