Your sprinklers are the lifeblood of your lawn. They keep the garden fresh, lush green, and beautiful throughout the year. However, in the winter season, managing the sprinkler may get difficult. You may have to take the help of irrigation services, Jacksonville, to ensure that the sprinklers are in the right condition.

Often, you may find that the sprinkler is not in working condition during the winter months. This may be because the ground has frozen and solidified due to the snowfall and freezing temperatures. In such cases, you have to call lawn sprinkler repair Jacksonville, Florida to fix the sprinkler system and get it ready for the cold season.

This article will highlight how to winterize your sprinkler system. While hiring a professional for sprinkler repair, Jacksonville, is a good option, you can care for your sprinkler so that it doesn’t get too heavily impacted by the winter season.

4 Steps to Winterize your Sprinkler System

If you live in a region that sees heavy snowfall or has freezing temperatures, winterizing is essential for your sprinkler system. Even though it is cold, you still want to water your garden and keep the plants and trees alive. Here’s how you can winterize your sprinkler system, either with the help of irrigation system repair Jacksonville, or by doing-it-yourself –

1. Check the weather

As the temperature reduces, the sprinkler system may start getting damaged and begin cracking. You need to regularly check the weather to find the right time to winterize the sprinkler system. The process involves blowouts, draining, and maintenance of the system by a professional irrigation services, Jacksonville. You should winterize the system at least a week before you are anticipating the temperature to go berserk. Preparing yourself in advance is the best way to save the sprinkler.

2. Insulate the system

If you live in a place where there is heavy snow, it doesn’t make sense to use the sprinkler for your garden. You can shut off the main valve to stop the water supply. After that, you need to insulate the lever system as it is more prone to freeze in snow than anything else. You can hire an expert sprinkler repair Jacksonville, to insulate all the assets, including the level, sprinkler head, and the above ground piping that might freeze as the temperature continues to decrease.

3. Drain the pipes

One of the most important things that any lawn sprinkler repair, Jacksonville, will suggest is to drain the pipes. You don’t want the water to freeze in the pipes and then crack them up. Since you are shutting off the water supply to the sprinkler, there is still some leftover water that can damage the sprinkler system. Ensure that there’s no water. You can contact Johnny’s Turf a local irrigation specialist to come and check the pipes if you are not sure that they are completely empty.

4. Disconnect the controller

If you have an automatic sprinkler system, disconnect the controller. When you shut off the valve, the system automatically disconnects with the controller. Remove any wiring that may lead to potential security hazards. This will eliminate any possibilities of the pump being accidentally activated, which often leads to overheating. You must check that the wires of the lever are also removed so that no hazard takes place even if some snow melts and gets inside the irrigation system.

Winterizing your sprinklers is crucial if you want to achieve a long-life for your system. By hiring a professional for sprinkler repair Jacksonville, Florida you can evaluate the system’s performance and how you can take care of it in the winter season. It will keep your sprinkler safe and ready for the summer and the spring.