The automatic watering of your farm is an advantage of having an irrigation sprinkler system. Sprinkler systems eliminate the need to water the garden virtually daily, depending on the season, by dragging a hose around the yard. Sprinkler heads are only a minor component of a larger system, which may be dysfunctional due to repair. For all your irrigational issues, contact sprinkler repair Jacksonville.

Why do you adjust sprinkler heads?

Your sprinkler heads may wind up creating puddles, overwatering, or even neglecting to water some areas of your lawn if they are not correctly set.

Certain sprinkler heads have extremely precise spray patterns, and not all of them are changeable. The arc of your sprinkler is adjustable if it has a screw in the middle of the head.

Depending on your kind, there are several steps to changing the sprinkler head at commercial landscaping Jacksonville. You may choose from a spray, revolving, or impact sprinkler head. You can always search us on the net as sprinkler repair near me for any assistance.

Adjusting sprinkler heads

Sprinkler heads come in various styles and point in somewhat different directions. Sprinkler heads of the fixed, rotor, pop-up and pulsing varieties are the most prevalent.

Although some of the processes are identical, they might all be different. Depending on the head, you’ll need a flat-head screwdriver and perhaps a few more tools to adjust them.

Stationary sprinkler head:

The spray radius adjustment screw for a stationary sprinkler head may be found on the nozzle’s top. To direct the water spray towards your lawn in the desired way, you might need to make a small adjustment. A spray head that puts out too much water can reduce its water pressure by turning it counterclockwise.

Rotor sprinkler head:

You might need to modify the spray arc and radius of a rotor sprinkler. A set screw secures a sprinkler rotor nozzle in position. To modify the arc and the volume of water coming from this sort of sprinkler head, you must follow your manufacturer’s particular instructions, which vary depending on the brand.

Pop-up sprinkler head:

Pop-up sprinkler heads are widely used and simple to change, but you must do it while the sprinkler is in operation. When the sprinkler is running, turn the adjustment screw on the nozzle’s tip with a flat-head screwdriver. Turn the screw in the other direction if you need to widen the spray pattern. Reduce it by turning the little screw counterclockwise.

Pulsating sprinkler head:

No special equipment is needed to adjust pulsating, but before you start, inspect the sprinkler heads for damage and mark the areas you want them to cover. Push the tabs on the nozzle to the desired level to change the water output’s speed. Check that the sprinklers are all functioning by turning them on. Then modify the spray distance on each sprinkler head’s pulse. Given that these rotational sprinklers have a 360-degree turning radius, you might need to modify the angle at which they rotate, particularly if they are situated next to a driveway or sidewalk.

The broken sprinkler head should be fixed with these changes, regardless of the type of sprinkler heads you have. But if they don’t, you might have to replace it completely. Contact the lawn Sprinkler repair Jacksonville staff if you require any assistance.

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Tips for changing sprinkler heads

While you adjust the spray and arc, keep the water on. It will enable you to check if the sprinklers are set according to your requirements without having to start and stop the water flow repeatedly. Some sprinklers are only able to be changed in action.

Just like we have done for the thousands of other clients who have put their faith in us, we aim to provide you with the only sprinkler repair services in Jacksonville, Florida.


Regardless of the kind, the sprinkler heads in your yard should come with detailed instructions on how to modify the arc and radius and spray patterns. Every manufacturer publishes these details and other crucial information in the instructions manual. You may contact Johnny’s Turf, provider of the best sprinkler repair services Jacksonville, for all your irrigation needs.