The maintenance of a lush, green yard can be tedious, time-consuming and exasperating, but with a lawn sprinkler system, you can have the best lawn on the block in no time. By using the right sprinkler nozzle head and correct sprinkler nozzle type, you can optimize your water usage and provide the perfect area for touch football, tag, or just relaxing.

Why you Need to Know About the Different Types of Lawn Sprinkler Nozzles

A sprinkler nozzle head defines its spray pattern, its angle of spray, and its distance from the ground. For your landscape to receive water, the right irrigation nozzle is essential, so while sprinkler nozzle replacement or replacing a cracked or clogged nozzle, you need to match the same type of nozzle. When choosing your sprinkler head and spray pattern, consider the size of your yard and the types of plants growing in it first.

Spray nozzles come in several different types:

By Functionality

Spray nozzles with fixed arcs:

These nozzles cannot be adjusted; their spray angle remains constant. These arcs are available in 360, 90, and 45-degree angles. These are the most common sprinkler nozzle types and the ones that are usually used to spray sidewalks and streets.

Varying arc nozzles, or VANs:

These nozzles provide the ability to adjust the throw of the water coming out of pop-up spray heads between 360 degrees and 45 degrees. It is ideal to use these nozzles along sidewalks, driveways, and street surfaces.

Rotating nozzles for multi-streams:

This type of nozzle actually functions as a small rotor, causing the water to be applied ore slowly. In fact, it mimics a “good” rain, allowing the ground to absorb more water and reducing runoff. This sprinkler nozzle type uses 30 percent less water than typical spray nozzles.

Additionally, these nozzles distribute more water on light winds since they are less sensitive to wind effects. In the case of strong winds, you should not water at all.

By Material Types

Metal, plastic, or a combination of both are used to make nozzles. The benefits and disadvantages of each material are different.


Nozzles are traditionally made of metal. Since it is highly durable nozzles are unlikely to break or crack. However, metal nozzles tend to leak more easily at joints and are less flexible than their plastic counterparts.


Due to plastic’s lightweight and water-resistance quality, nozzles can move with less rigidity, so the sprinklers can rotate freely.

Hybrid Material:

Hybrid material nozzles are most common in the current market because the hybrid design combines the durability of metal with the flexibility of plastic for moving parts or as light support to facilitate the water flow and the movement of the sprinklers.

By Spray Pattern

Fan Nozzles:

With fan nozzles, a thin, flat sheet of liquid is generated that widens outward from the nozzle. The spray forms a thin contact line of liquid upon touching a surface. As a fan nozzle concentrates the liquid into a smaller area, it has a greater impact than a hollow cone or full cone.

Full Cone Nozzles:

Among the most commonly used sprinkler nozzle types in the industry is the Full Cone Nozzle. The liquid is dispersed over the interior of the cone by the nozzle, resulting in a conical spray. Spraying on a surface causes a circle of liquid to form with liquid distributed throughout.

Full Cone Spiral:

A spiral sprinkler nozzle head produces a full cone pattern from several concentric hollow cones that join together with smaller droplet size.

Hollow Cone Nozzles:

Hollow cone nozzles spray fluids in a ring-like pattern around a specified radius. Hollow cone nozzles allow the air to interact comfortably with the surface of the droplets. Whenever you need a small droplet size combined with high capacity, these nozzles fit the bill.

Misting Nozzles:

Fog or mist is created by misting nozzles. Due to their small size, droplets have a significant buoyancy over gravity, giving the appearance of floating. The particles are actually falling very slowly when there is no upward airflow.

Even though garden hose nozzles are fairly simple to use, they are one of the most important and versatile lawn care tools. Making the right choice of sprinkler nozzle head is a bit more challenging than you might think. When it comes to maintaining your irrigation system, replacing cracked or clogged nozzles is one of the easiest things to do. Remember, the more evenly the water is distributed, the healthier your landscape will be, and the less water you will waste.

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