If your lawn water sprinkler has a blocked sprinkler head or a buzzing pump, you need to take immediate action to fix the problem. You should address these issues immediately, especially if something always appears to go wrong when it’s least expected. Fortunately, fixing issues with your lawn sprinklers is simple. Here are seven typical problems and fixes for them.

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Broken sprinkler controller

The controller is the most crucial part of a sprinkler system. It controls when to activate and deactivate the system, how evenly and effectively it covers the area, and how much water is allocated. There’s a risk the system has a defective controller or another electrical problem if it doesn’t activate when it should, stays on for too long or too little time, or can’t operate automatically.

The controller may cease working for one of four reasons. It may stop keeping time, the timer dial may not be rotating, the controller won’t turn in manual mode, or the controller won’t work in automatic mode.

Leakage of water

Any piece of water management hardware that develops leaks, particularly sprinkler systems, is doomed to failure. Keep a watch on the sprinkler’s various zones in order to spot leaks before they become expensive. Sprinkler valves use a diaphragm seal to control the flow of water to each zone.

It could be a faulty valve diaphragm, a clog inside the valve itself, or inappropriate design or installation if you find water leaking continuously from one zone or several. A certain amount of water must be forced through each valve in order for them to remain open in one zone while closing outlets in other zones. Our 4,000 series, for instance, needs 10 gallons per minute (GPM) to run, whereas our 6,000 series need 15 GPM.

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Pump buzzing

An issue with the sprinkler system’s relay system, which is a magnetic switch that activates the system, is indicated by pump buzzing, which is a catastrophic flaw. The relay is malfunctioning and needs to be changed when the pump starts buzzing. A buzzing sound is produced when the contact points of the relay begin to corrode and become inefficient at pulling together the high-voltage connections. Climates with a lot of moisture or salt will speed up this process and reduce service life.

Pop up error

Pop Up Failure is a flaw that can take many different forms. This includes a relay being broken, a controller operating less than optimally, or a mechanical issue with a specific head’s pop-up mechanism. As soon as you spot a problem, please contact sprinkler repair services Jacksonville, Florida. You can have a broken spray head if the sprinkler heads don’t activate or if they activate but merely spray water everywhere. Spray heads break when they are run over by lawnmowers or other vehicles.

Ineffective and improper head height

Many people don’t even realize that their head height is an issue. It comes to notice when certain areas of their lawn aren’t getting adequate coverage. A high sprinkler head will cause water to miss the intended locations and put your grass in danger of damage. A low sprinkler head will overwater the areas closest to the sprinkler head, which has its own set of issues.

Inadequate water pressure

One of the main causes of inadequate lawn coverage is insufficient water pressure. It may be brought on by a clog, defective hardware, burst pipes, or backend problems. The controller and wire between it and the relay’s coil may be too tiny. This can be fixed by moving the pump start relay closer to the controller. Furthermore, a larger transformer is required if the controller’s transformer is insufficient to draw the relay contacts in.

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Leaving out the irrigation zones

The most frequent defaulters, such as a shortened solenoid, poor electrical connections, or the valve itself, are typically found at the valve. The inside valve disc may pop up and down, skipping zones, if the pump is located more than a few feet from the water source while the supply line fills with purging air.

If the valve is not installed at the highest point of the system, there may be backflow entering the valve after shutdown. Move the indexing valve closer to the water supply, and hire lawn sprinkler repair in Jacksonville to identify, find, and correct the suction leak to solve this issue.


The majority of people don’t give their sprinklers enough credit. Furthermore, they are mostly responsible for keeping their lawns in top condition all year. The most frequent problems with sprinklers are listed here, along with advice on how to identify them. Our experts offering services for lawn sprinkler repair in Jacksonville FL, can help. Certainly, they can install irrigation systems, fix sprinklers, and provide a variety of other irrigation services.